Hey everyone,

Today is a good day for OSX users, Modders and Steam Trading Card fans:

By popular request we are releasing Steam Trading Cards today. Happy collecting and trading!

We’ve also pushed a small patch. This update contains a number of bug fixes.


  • OS X: added work-around to avoid system prompt insisting to install Java 6 runtime from Apple.
  • Editor: fixed crash when loading maps which contain enemies with no AI type assigned.
  • Fixed crash on startup when no internet connection is available.
  • Fixed deadlock on startup when trying to sync Steam user-generated content with no internet connection available.

Thanks everyone for playing our game and have fun with this new update.

PS: This update (minus the Steam Trading Cards of course) will be published on all other stores very soon too.


Simon, Daniel and Stephan

  • Micheal Blaze

    Redownloading right now!