Hey everyone,

Good news for our Spanish speakers out there:
One of our players, metalwar, made a complete translation of Halfway from English to Spanish.
He used our mod tools so it is even easier for you Spanish speakers to install and switch the language.

If you use the Steam version, the installation is dead easy:
Subscribe to this mod and activate it in the options menu in Halfway.
Steam Workshop.

If you are running a DRM version of Halfway you can download the mod zip file from this thread and just copy the zip file in the mods folder of Halfway. (Do not extract it) Then activate the mod in the options menu.

Forum Thread.


Thanks metalwar, for this crazy cool work of yours. <3

Until next time,

Daniel, Simon and Stephan

  • Windóusico

    That bull is offensive for many spaniards (and it is a brandy trademark). No more stereotypes, please.