Hey everyone, I’ve got some great news for all the music lovers out there:

Gavin Harrison, our super talented composer of the music for Halfway, finished working on the Halfway OST!

Go grab it here: https://gavinharrisonsounds.bandcamp.com/album/halfway-original-soundtrack for only  £3.99/$6.49

It’s not just a simple copy & paste release of the music of Halfway– all songs got a touch up and plenty of love. Additionally, it includes 4 unreleased bonus tracks that never made it into the game itself, but were too beautiful to just let them rot on Gavin’s hard drive. So what are you waiting for? 😉


In other news:

I have some other great news for you: Halfway is currently part of the “End of Summer Sale” until the 22nd of September over at Humble Store and on our own website:



So go get it while it is cheap 🙂

  • Nepomuk

    Oh boy, the soundtrack! It’s so beautiful! Hopefully Bandcamp will add more/different payment options in the near future (Paypal isn’t an option for me). I’m really looking forward getting this in high quality flac files.