We’ve got a nifty new website and forums! But more importantly, we’re very excited to announce that Halfway will be released on Steam and Humble Store on 22 July 2014. That’s next Tuesday! 😀

The game will be available for WindowsMac and Linux for $12.99/£9.99 with a -10% launch discount. We’ll be adding modding support in the form of a campaign editor, and we’re hoping to release that soon after launch.

Check out our launch trailer below!

  • Stein

    Totally on board =3.

  • eLeMeN


    This is amazing news!!! I didn’t realize the game was that close to getting out!

    My only one question is the following… will it be a beta or an unfinished version? Or is it really Halfway completely finished?

    You have at least one sure buyer ;P


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